Long Time No See

Man. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without posting. Is this mic still on?! Is anyone in here. If there are just two of you that’s honestly enough for me. Anyhoo, It’s been honestly a rough couple of months. As most of you know, my mom has been in and out of the hospital since the end of Nov. She has had Lupus for most of my life but a recent flare up got really bad and we had to go to the hospital. We later found out there were many more issues she had to deal with and we are still working on getting her better. I am writing this in the airport on my way back to LA. Traveling back and forth from Houston to LA has been super draining and I never really have time to do anything because when I get a moment I’m either sleeping or I want to fly back to her. However, on a positive note I still have a mom and she’s still here and I’m thankful for that every day.

On another note, the questions from my last blog, I still want to answer. They are mostly business questions so I think my next blog will be dedicated solely to those and the things I’ve learned since the last time I wrote on here. My goal is to answer these tonight. So hold me to it! I have so many unfinished things. From my script to my book to even furnishing my office space. Everything is halfway finished and just living that way. But until things get better with mom. I can’t really fully focus on much.

In other news, I reached a major goal recently in saving the amount of money I set for 2023. I’m way early on this goal and it feels great to accomplish something. With Babes, I am of course behind on my Spring Release so its looking more like an April 26th release. The dresses are super cute and we have plenty of hot weather to rock them. I just need them to be right. I need them perfect so they can fit straight to plus sizes effortlessly.

Personally, eh. You know how you’re probably depressed but you just have so much stuff to do you’re like a robot. You’re just numb. Yep thats me. The days are just passing by. But today, I am deciding to wake up and start living. If you’ve ever had your parent in the hospital, you know the feeling of guilt when it comes to having fun or living your life. I feel guilty doing literally everything. I need to snap out of it because it’s time to live and do things to make a positive difference while I’m still here. Ya feel me? For example, I reached a major goal recently money wise and I’m still depressed af. It really puts things in perspective for me. Material things really don’t matter so right now I’m trying to find somewhat of a purpose. What is my purpose and why am I here. I think I have an idea but only God knows. I hope I am inspiring to someone. I hope I am relatable enough to inspire in a way that everything I’ve done seems possible. I really hope I can offer some valuable piece of information to someone so that they take their life to the next level. I just want to make a positive difference in someone’s life.

I have the older questions on business from months back but if you have any additional ones, leave them in the comments so I can work on them tonight.

Oky dokie. Talk soon


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