Update on C- My Script, Business and Health

Herrroooo. I actually want to start doing vlogs so I’m working on those being up on this thang. But before I start doing videos, I wanted to do a quick update if you care. As always, excuse the typos. Im just going to keep typing and press ‘publish’ when I’m finished. So lately, I have been trying to finalize my script. Excitinggg! But this shit is hard as fuck. Excuse my french but its no joke. First, I had to learn script writing which is no walk around the park. Now that I’ve got that down, its about getting my ideas on paper and making them interesting. If you know anything about me, I’m super critical on movies in general so I’m really fearful about everything not being good enough. This is a new character trait I’ve developed over the past few months. I really hope it goes away soon. Lol.

While working on that, I'm steadily trying to maintain my business and increase sales all while not going insane :). I made the decision to hire more people so I can have more time to create and do the things I’m working so hard to afford! The clothing business is so tricky. There is sooooo much competition and trends are changing daily. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up but I’ve managed to stay in my own lane and capitalize off of that.

Oh ya! I’ve been doing a ton of interviews which is exciting because I'm really shocked that people care to interview a sista at all. My last one with KTLA was a big one for me because I’ve never been on tv and it also opened up a new market of clientele.

In addition to business, I’ve been trying to take care of myself more. My health is very important to me because my mom has suffered with lupus for over 10 years and I see first hand how important taking care of yourself is. I actually recently found out I was severely anemic so I started on iron infusions which helped! I had no idea my anemia was contributing to my oxygen levels. I just thought I was tired all of the time and blamed it on being overweight. For years, I haven’t been able to climb a flight of stairs without getting winded. Forget about hiking or any physical activity. But lately I have been feeling much better so thats great news. In addition to my iron infusion I have been working on changing my diet. One of my best friends is a trainer and her meal plan is everything. It’s only $12. Check it out :)

Anyhoo.. Thats my little update. I will be uploading vlogs soon.

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