My Very Bootleg Way of Maintaining a Flat Tummy

I'm going to Mexico tomorrow so that's where this topic came from. I get this question a lot and in by NO WAY AM I A FITNESS OR DIET EXPERT. I hate working out and I love eating whatever I want. I'm trying to get into working out and being full on healthy without being unhappy with it but I'm just not there yet. So I want to give you guys a few little cheat tricks that I use from time to time. (Disclaimer: I'm typing fast and not editing so excuse my typos)

Genes and Things..

Now some women are naturally just fine like wine. They have flat stomachs and can pretty much do whatever they want. That ain't me. If I really just let myself go.. I'd be a bigger girl. I can hold on to weight like nobody's business so when I indulge.. I really have to watch myself. When it comes to listening to diet advice from those naturally fine girls.. its in one ear and out the other because not everything will apply to you. You gotta find what works for you. Even with the tips I'm about to give you right chea'.. Try them and find what works for your body type. 

Diet Diet Diet

Okay so for me... working out is cool and it keeps me active but the only times I've seen real change is when I make changes my diet. I used to look at super athletic people eating junk and maintaining a 6 pack and thought "All I gotta do it workout. I can eat whatever I want if I do that" WRONG. Not I. Not Ciera. I still blow the f up if I work out or not. I always have to make some change in my diet to see a difference. 

I will suggest doing both. Getting more active AND changing your diet but I'm realistic too. I'd want to do as little as possible to get a big result. Especially If I took time to read a blog about it ;)

To Carb or Not to Carb

So I'm sure you know.. Limiting carbs will help you drop weight. We've all heard it, tried it and either loved it or hated it. I HATE IT. All of my favorite meals consist of pasta, rice or potatoes. Oh and Tortillas. Oh and bread.. Just basically anything that will make me fat :) And I've tried giving them up. This didn't work for me because I got grumpy and moody and I wanted to scream. So ya.. That's no way to live your life. What did work for me is limiting my carbs to the morning. So I'd wake up.. Have my carb meal, maybe even have some at lunch.. but for dinner. I'd do a healthy meal. Chicken and veggies or some crap. This did help, because it was a major change for me.

My body said "Wait girl.. You not having potatoes with a side of potatoes for dinner? Ok I guess.. Ill push your bloat a little down". 

And that's when I realized that this worked for me. However, If you have a little more bloat than the normal gal.. I'd limit your carb meals to only breakfast. If you can't.. limit what you can and then advance from there. Never push yourself when you diet because if you're anything like me.. You'll binge and quit :)

Green Tea 

I've never really been into juices, soda or sweets so I'm lucky in that department. The only thing I drink is Tea, Water and Wine and I'm fine with it. I became obsessed with Starbucks Green Tea in college and started to have somewhat of a craving for iced teas. But only green.. What I didn't know then is that green tea can help you loose weight naturally. I actually loved something that was good for me? No way. So nowadays I go ham on it. I don't even mess with Starbucks' watered down version. I go there and I say "green tea, no water please" This means that the tea isn't diluted down by the water they put in your cup. It's a little stronger but you get way more tea for your buck. And guess what.. Your tummy will thank you. 

Lemon Water and Tuna

Now this is a new one I just tried this week. Only because I'm getting closer to my deadline for Mexico. I ate this for dinner the past two nights. And man.. what a damn difference. I'm walking around my house in a crop top feeling myself today. It's a simple little meal but it really helped clean me out and reduce bloat in my tummy. 

Ab Workouts

So as I've stated.. I hate working out. But lately I've forced myself to do the bare minimum. After my walk/run around the block.. I do abs in my house. This can be from 100-300 sit-ups in one session. It hurts but it helps. Try to put yourself on a little routine. Once a day.. get your butt on the floor and do this. Trust.. It'll help. 

Waist Trainers and things.. 

Uhh.. Ya these don't work. I think they're great to wear under your clothes. If you want to cinch your waist in, they work great. But in no way do I think these make you loose weight. They may for some.. but not for me. 


Anyhoo. This blog is getting long so let me know if you have any questions or add some of your tricks in the comments so we can all read them :)


Tootles and Till' next Time..




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