Are you an Entrepreneur? or..

So ya..  Been a min. You know it takes me time to come up with a topic and sit down and write about it. But when I do get a chance.. I just keep typing like it's something I've been meaning to get out for a while. So this one is going to be similar to my last where I will just blab until you stop reading or you feel me. Hope you feel me though. 

Being a quote, unquote, don't want to be called but still referred to as an 'instagram model'; You'd be surprised at the number one question I get. "How can I start my own business?" It's a question that I always kind of chuckle at because that is not how you do it. Well it's not how I did it. If you find yourself looking for answers in the beginning instead of making your own steps, unfortunately you are not a natural entrepreneur. BUT..  you can be taught

Here's a little of my background if you didn't know.  I started my clothing line with vintage about 5 years ago. I literally had no direction so I made up everything on my own. I decided what I wanted to do and just bootlegged the shit out of it. I went to Goodwills, Salvation Armys and random thrift stores to find items that I thought were cute. I then taught myself to sew and reworked them. Boom. There was my first business. "" Now when it came to taking pictures of everything and finding somewhere to put it online, that was alllll me baby. I took photos with my phone and researched where to put them online and that's when I started my first little Big Cartel store. From there I was on and poppin'.. I learned little tricks after making a plethora of mistakes. Did you know I was handwriting all my labels for my first year? I had no idea you could print them out. When I say I learned the hard way, I really did. I had no one to ask because there weren't many online store owners around my age back then. I felt like it was just me outchea. But.. I made a way. And that's the fucking entrepreneur spirit. You don't know how? Figure it out. 

There are a lot of people out here with really awesome ideas that will never do anything with them. You don't want to be them. Even if you fail the first time, you tried. That's what matters because that's how you learn to do it better

What I want to tell you is that its not easy. No way. I'd even say its harder than working for someone else. Why? Because there's no one telling you what to do. Which sounds great but it's not when you're lost. When you don't know what the next step is. Its on YOU. But the great thing is that the reward is tremendous. You own your own shit and there's no pyramid that you have to climb. Its you at the top. You're the boss. But being a boss is major. That means no days off. That means always being in the mindset of how can I make my business better? You're always working even when you're not working. Your mind is always there because its your baby. You want it to succeed. Being an entrepreneur means that you have a child, your business. It's up you to figure out what it needs to survive. 

So how do you start your own business? Answer. You start. That begins with research. Which is super easy because of the internet. You can literally google how to do anything. Lets say you want to sell cups? Well this is how I would do it.. hypothetically....

Ciera's Cup business. Let's call it "CUPZ"

Step 1. Find wholesalers for cups. This means I would literally google.. "Plastic cup wholesale"

Step 2. Purchase a small quantity of cups. I would find which merchant gave me the best deal on cups for the least amount quantity wise. The reason for the small quantity is because I don't know if this is going to be a successful business yet. I want to invest small to TEST out my idea before jumping in fully. 

Step 3. Photograph cups. Come up with concepts, ideas on cool ways to sell them. Let's say I want to sell cups in packs. Grab this 3 pack of cups for only $$$ 

Step 4. Purchase CUPZ domain and start online store. I would start with Big Cartel because its the cheapest.

Step 5. Market CUPZ. I would create a logo and advertise my idea on all my social media outlets. Try a cheap FB ad to market my idea on as well. I would create an IG for CUPZ and go crazy with the promotion. Have all my friends and family tag my new business and shout me out for followers. 

Step 6. Watch and Learn. Id give this business a month.. See if it picks up. See if people are interested in it. If they are great. If they aren't I would pivot my idea to something else or re-market it. Instead of selling white cups, maybe I'd sell plastic wine glasses. I'd try everything. 


So there's a quick example of how to start your own thang. Feel free to ask questions in the comments or just tell me what you think 

Until next time..







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