Today's Plan

So happy to read all the comments. I should have turned that setting on when I first started this. Everyone is so sweet! The emails I'm getting mostly are about body image, my business and my film journey which I am so excited to talk about. I called my sister this morning and asked her to help me film a video just talking about all of it. Ill get semi-cute later today and start filming. I hope you guys like it. 

For today.. I have to work per usual. Man I'm so thankful for the support in my businesses. It's crazy. In addition to Babes, I was only trying to start the mens line to "try it out" but those tees are selling everyday. My work load is crazy right now but Im super grateful. 

For my body image thoughts of the day, I started my sit-ups/ ab workouts again. So I want you to join me and let me know how you're doing. The plan is... 100 sit-ups after every meal. Its annoying but pretty simple. 

Anyhoo.. off to work 


Ciera Rogers6 Comments