Working On Myself. To Post .. Not to Post..

To Post.. Not to Post.. Man I've been struggling somewhat lately with my brand and how I'm portrayed. As you all well know, My persona is somewhat sexy but when it comes to real life, that doesn't always fly. Im trying to calm the sexy down a little and hopefully my followers are with me on this journey. I hate running into people and they say oh you're that IG girl! I want to go hide under a rock because it makes me feel like I blend in with all the booking info models :/ No diss to them, but thats just not what I'm about you know? So anyhow.. Ive started posting less because I have no idea what the heck is not sexy, too sexy, boring at this point. Im experimenting on my IG. Can you tell? 

In other news, Im dabbling in photography a bit more and more these days. If you know anything about me, my main passion is and will always be film. My sister has given me the responsibility of directing her next video and I'm so friggin' excited. I have so many ideas. I can't wait to start releasing what we are working on.

Besides that, Im on a diet. Again. Its hard af but hey thats life..

PS. I see the likes, but Im not really sure who's reading or if anyone cares about this blog yet. If you do, comment below to let me know what you'd like to hear the most :)




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