Body Image

" Hi Ciera, my name is Leslie and a blog I would like you to do is how to keep your waist small if you're thick. I am a thick girl just like you, I have hips and thighs n unfortunately a stomach too. You have a very small waist for someone so thick and me not so much, so I just wanted to know if there are exercises or a specific diet you have that allows you to keep you're hips and thighs but a small waist. P.S. I really like that you have started blog. I am a big fan and getting something personal like this from you is great :)"

I get these questions ALOT. Im never really super sure on how to answer them. There are girls out there with literally no waist. I think its genetics honestly. Im naturally smaller up top so it makes my waist look smaller compared to my lower half. What I do suggest is less carbs (even thought I never really stick to this rule) because it works. I am OBSESSED with green tea (which is a natural weight loss remedy) I can drink it all day every day. I only drink green tea, water and wine ;) But other than that I eat ok. When I see myself getting a little chunkier around my waist I cut back on the carbs and that always works. As far as exercise. I am horrible at it. I hate the gym. I recently cancelled my membership lol. Instead I like to do morning workouts in my neighborhood. Mostly Cardio right now because I want to slim down but generally I will need weight training for my legs, thighs and butt. BTW.. tried waist trainers.. they don't work for me or anyone I know. Its a waste of money in my opinion. 

In the end.. there is no "specific" diet for this. This is just kinda something I made up. But what I can tell you is how you take your photos matters. Its all about angles to get that great photo. I kind of want to do a video to show you.. Ill work on it. Thank you for reading my thoughts Leslie, I hope I was helpful :)


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