The Secret. My version and what works for me

It's crazy man. How small our little brains are in the whole aspect of life/universe/GOD. You think you know what's good for you. You think you know what you're supposed to be doing. You think you know who you're supposed to be with. But you really don't know shit. All you really can do is follow the signs and use your energy to create the best life for yourself. 

I used to be a pretty negative person. I called myself a "realist" back then. But sometimes its the same damn thing. I naturally thought the worst in my mind because I wanted to prepare for it. You know. Just in case. But little did my little tiny brain realize, I was creating my own sad life because I didn't know that I was the one in control. 

Let me tell you.. I've prayed for a man. While lying and his chest. Prayed to God that he would act right and for God to give him to me. That seems so ridiculous to me now. Because now I know everyone has their OWN journey. Who am I to create his? Who's to say I was the right girl for him anyway? I can only control ME and focus on MY Journey. So I started studying prayer. The differences between them and how to really get what I wanted. 

Ciera's Ghetto Version of The Secret

It sounds silly, but I got into "The Secret" because of a guy. I think God knew how to speak to me. And because of my daddy issues (that's another blog); he spoke through someone I liked. Someone I respected. Someone I could hear.

I was reluctant at first; as most realists are. But eventually I was bored, watched the documentary and after that my life seriously changed. I started studying how to have a more personal relationship with God and the universe. Beyond church or what anyone ever taught me. 

Btw. If you don't know what The Secret is. Look it up here. It's basically the Law of Attraction. You can pretty much youtube that and get a whole bunch of stuff on it. It's pretty amazing. I don't really want to go to far their version, because there's sooooo much info on it. But just know. IT WORKS.. I mainly want to discuss how to really get what you want and how I managed to get there. 

So here we go. Prayer. My dude Swami taught me about this. He's not my dude. He's a philosopher but he's cool as shit. Swami Rama. Look him up. Anyway. We all know prayer is important but there are major differences in the way you pray. I am no-one to tell you to how talk to God. I think everyone should have their own personal way. But this just works for me. Aight? Aight. 

                 God versus Ego Centric Prayer

So ya. Let's get back to me praying for a man. What a silly girl. That was a ego centric prayer. The best way I can show you is to give you examples of asking for something in two different ways. Remember what I said earlier? You don't know shit? That applies here. 

Ego Centric Prayer. 

I want {insert name} in my life. Please give them to me. Pretty please blah blah. Ill be so thankful 

God Centered Prayer

I need direction. Lead me to the person you want me to be with. If this isn't or is it. Please show me

See the difference? When I started praying differently, my answers were much clearer. God literally placed someone in my life and it wasn't even the person I thought it would be. 

What You Think Is EVERYTHING

Okay the sooner you realize this the better. It's not about being optimistic. It's deeper than that. It's about creating your own life. Not just saying you're hoping for the best, but really owning that shit like you already have it. And if its hard for you to do that, here's an easier way. 

Don't surround yourself with or focus on anything negative. That means everybody. Even yo mama. I'm serious. If my mom is in a bad mood, I will avoid her cute ass until she's over it. Because energy is so so important and I know how it works, I stay away from all bad energy if I can. Did you know that energy transferable? It's powerful stuff guys. I can sit in a room full of negative people and somehow feel like shit when I leave the room even if nothing is going on in my life. GUARD YOUR ENERGY. 

When I say "Guard Your Energy", I mean protect it. Its all you got. This comes to your family, friends and especially people you date or are intimate with. Yes, I mean SEX. Have you ever been intimate with someone and your mood changed afterwards? It may not have anything to do with the act itself. Sex can be a release of bad energy and guess who else is there to take it. The other partner. Let's not be that other partner. Watch who you date people. 



At the end of the day, I believe 100% that if you guard your energy, pray and follow the signs you'll be fine. Not everyone can live the same life and it's not supposed to be that way. But if you work on your personal relationship with the Universe/God, it'll be easier to find your way. 


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