Ciera Rogers

Ciera Rogers, owner of Babes and Felines, is a known Internet star with over 1.1 million followers on Instagram. As a fashion designer from Houston, Texas that resides in Los Angeles, Rogers started her business in response to her own frustration with the lack of figure-hugging items for curvy, womanly fashionistas. Her business, Babes and Felines is a wildly successful online clothing company that's bordering on a body-acceptance movement

The Secret. My version and what works for me

It's crazy man. How small our little brains are in the whole aspect of life/universe/GOD. You think you know what's good for you. You think you know what you're supposed to be doing. You think you know who you're supposed to be with. But you really don't know shit. All you really can do is follow the signs and use your energy to create the best life for yourself. 

I used to be a pretty negative person. I called myself a "realist" back then. But sometimes its the same damn thing. I naturally thought the worst in my mind because I wanted to prepare for it. You know. Just in case. But little did my little tiny brain realize, I was creating my own sad life because I didn't know that I was the one in control. 

Let me tell you.. I've prayed for a man. While lying and his chest. Prayed to God that he would act right and for God to give him to me. That seems so ridiculous to me now. Because now I know everyone has their OWN journey. Who am I to create his? Who's to say I was the right girl for him anyway? I can only control ME and focus on MY Journey. So I started studying prayer. The differences between them and how to really get what I wanted. 

Ciera's Ghetto Version of The Secret

It sounds silly, but I got into "The Secret" because of a guy. I think God knew how to speak to me. And because of my daddy issues (that's another blog); he spoke through someone I liked. Someone I respected. Someone I could hear.

I was reluctant at first; as most realists are. But eventually I was bored, watched the documentary and after that my life seriously changed. I started studying how to have a more personal relationship with God and the universe. Beyond church or what anyone ever taught me. 

Btw. If you don't know what The Secret is. Look it up here. It's basically the Law of Attraction. You can pretty much youtube that and get a whole bunch of stuff on it. It's pretty amazing. I don't really want to go to far their version, because there's sooooo much info on it. But just know. IT WORKS.. I mainly want to discuss how to really get what you want and how I managed to get there. 

So here we go. Prayer. My dude Swami taught me about this. He's not my dude. He's a philosopher but he's cool as shit. Swami Rama. Look him up. Anyway. We all know prayer is important but there are major differences in the way you pray. I am no-one to tell you to how talk to God. I think everyone should have their own personal way. But this just works for me. Aight? Aight. 

                 God versus Ego Centric Prayer

So ya. Let's get back to me praying for a man. What a silly girl. That was a ego centric prayer. The best way I can show you is to give you examples of asking for something in two different ways. Remember what I said earlier? You don't know shit? That applies here. 

Ego Centric Prayer. 

I want {insert name} in my life. Please give them to me. Pretty please blah blah. Ill be so thankful 

God Centered Prayer

I need direction. Lead me to the person you want me to be with. If this isn't or is it. Please show me

See the difference? When I started praying differently, my answers were much clearer. God literally placed someone in my life and it wasn't even the person I thought it would be. 

What You Think Is EVERYTHING

Okay the sooner you realize this the better. It's not about being optimistic. It's deeper than that. It's about creating your own life. Not just saying you're hoping for the best, but really owning that shit like you already have it. And if its hard for you to do that, here's an easier way. 

Don't surround yourself with or focus on anything negative. That means everybody. Even yo mama. I'm serious. If my mom is in a bad mood, I will avoid her cute ass until she's over it. Because energy is so so important and I know how it works, I stay away from all bad energy if I can. Did you know that energy transferable? It's powerful stuff guys. I can sit in a room full of negative people and somehow feel like shit when I leave the room even if nothing is going on in my life. GUARD YOUR ENERGY. 

When I say "Guard Your Energy", I mean protect it. Its all you got. This comes to your family, friends and especially people you date or are intimate with. Yes, I mean SEX. Have you ever been intimate with someone and your mood changed afterwards? It may not have anything to do with the act itself. Sex can be a release of bad energy and guess who else is there to take it. The other partner. Let's not be that other partner. Watch who you date people. 



At the end of the day, I believe 100% that if you guard your energy, pray and follow the signs you'll be fine. Not everyone can live the same life and it's not supposed to be that way. But if you work on your personal relationship with the Universe/God, it'll be easier to find your way. 


Thoughts? Lemme know












Dang it's been almost a month..

Man I've been in a super weird mood lately. I think it has something to do with everything going on in the world. Certain things are starting to seem way less important. I barely post on social media anymore. I guess I just needed a break. To think. Reflect. All that. Anyhoo. My next blog post will most likely resemble those vibes. Hope you guys are up to it



Starting your own thang

I grew up with a entrepreneur, (my mommy) so building something wasn't super foreign to me. Being poor will make you super creative. You'd be surprised of all the things you can make money doing. Legally and with your morals intact of course :)


So what I run into the most would be people who have ideas. Most people have ideas of things they either want to invent or businesses they want to build.  But I'd say the majority of these people will never start. Why? Because they are merely planners. They live in their head and that's it. This used to be me so I know it all too well. The numero uno mistake that people make is focusing more on the PLAN than the ACTION..

Soo how do you start your own shit? Um, you start. It's that simple. Don't think about how many steps you need to take; think about what the first step is and make it! Life gets in the way a lot for me so I've taken steps to keep my ass on track.  

1. Write it down and put it everywhere. 

See, I'm the queen of post-it notes. I love them because they can be cute even if you stick them everywhere. Just choose some bright colors and write your ideas down. Also, you can use a mood board and put it on your wall.. But sometimes I find that the board becomes apart of the furniture and I tend to ignore it after a while. Post-it notes work really well for me. 

2. Use your phone reminders and alarm for your benefit

If you're forgetful like me. Put your idea in your phone as an alarm clock so you have to look at it and put some effort in that day. 

3. Make people hold you accountable, but not too many ppl. 

When I have an idea, I tell maybe one or two people who I trust so they can hold me accountable to it. A "Hey how's that business coming along" from someone you know can be the kick in the ass you really need. 


I hope most of you reading are interesting in retail because that is what I'm going to focus on.  Let's say you want to start a clothing line. Well guess what. It's super friggin' easy, but kinda hard to maintain. Man, I see stores start and stop all the time because people underestimate this business so often. Some of the common mistakes I see is duplication. Let's say a store is selling a particular dress you like. Um, don't sell that! That adds to your competition silly. Now you're only a piece of that market. 

When you think of any business, you need to think of the market. Who are your competitors? How many of them are they? Why would someone buy from you instead of them? 

When I first got into this industry, my market was curvy girls. Back then, there weren't many online stores catering to this. It was a rare commodity and this is how I became successful. I saw that many stores occupied the thin girl space so I went the opposite way. This came natural to me because I am curvy and I needed clothes to wear my damn self :) 

The key to starting your own business is finding an open space in the market. This means, somewhere that no-one or very few ppl are in. Now this can't just be any market. It needs to be somewhere you can make money in. 


Say you want to sell dresses. Let's not think of what dress you're going to sell but how will you sell it? Are you online? How will you market? How will people find you to buy that particular dress? Fortunately, I have a following on social media now, but i did not back then. So I had to fake the funk with my business at first. This means, I pretended like everybody was wearing my brand. By everybody, I meant my friends :) I used my friends. Poor girls. I had them all in my clothes. I took pics of them in everything. And they're kinda cute so it worked! After that, guess what? People started seeing my stuff online more and more. 


Social media is all about reposts when you want to get you your following up. So by me using my pretty friends, it was easier to get reposted and when they wore my stuff. You can also send your stuff off to bloggers for posts.And they don't even need super huge followings.  Let's say a blogger has 5k people following her. Well that could be five thousand people you don't know! Give away free samples of your clothing so you can get your name out there. 


When it comes to a host for your very first website, I recommend BigCartel. I am now currently with Shopify, but I started at BigCartel. The reason I recommend going there first, is because its cheap and less complex. For a starter business you don't want to invest a lot of money on your very first site because you are testing your idea.


I get the question on how much money you need to start a business all the time. I say as close to nothing as you can. I started my business with about $100. The way I was able to do this was by promoting one piece of everything I wanted to sell. So let's say you want to do wholesale or maybe you're designing your own item. No need in spending money on 30 pieces of the same dress if you don't need to. The internet it a funny thing. You can have one dress and pretend you have a million. Its all about the way you sell it. For example,  if you can get your hands on items every 5 days then make your shipping and handling 5-7 days. That way you are only buying as you sell items. There's no investment necessary. 

If you want to do wholesale, the easiest thing to do is to start online. But be aware of minimums. This means you have to purchase a certain number of pieces in order to try the product. Sites like Alibaba can help you start looking into wholesale and what things cost. You'll need to set up an account. Which is FREE :)


I started my very first business with vintage and then moved into wholesale and eventually into designing my own clothing. It was like raising a child. It changed and moved with the times and sometimes it was a headache but I stuck through it. Most businesses go through ups and downs. Its what you do when its down that makes you last. You have to always remain creative and keep your eye on the market and its trends. When it changes, change with it. You always want to be ahead or at least current. If something isn't working, let it go. Don't take its personal. Its business. 


Its funny when people think I work for myself. Naw man, I work for my customers. They are the bosses. I have to make sure I have what they want and keep them satisfied so I can last outchea. At this point 5 years in, I know my customers like the back of my hand. It's super important to know your customers because they are the ones who are going to end up paying your bills. Give them what THEY want, not what YOU want. 


My boo thang in my head (Mark Cuban) says "Treat your customers like they own you. Because they do." When you're starting, you need to study your customer. If it helps, ask them what they want. Remember even if you don't have any customers, you have potential customers. You need to find what they want and supply it. That's all business really is. Supplying what someone wants. 

I could go on and on really. There's so much to say on this topic.  Lmk if you have any questions or anything I may have missed :)



Money.. Schmoney... Dolla Dolla Bills Yall ..

I grew up pretty poor. Like me, my mom and my sister "living in a car" poor.. So the minute I got some money I vowed to never ever go back. Me and my sister have been able to support our family for years now because of the way we save and stack up our money. If you're my friend, you know how much emphasis I put on stacking your coins and saving $$ for your future. I preach it everyday so I want to share some tips with you guys.

NUMBER ONE "NO NO" (paycheck to paycheck) 

Did you know that 49% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck? This is something I've never ever done. Even when I got my first little job, I lived way below my means and I still do now. I think its important to do, so you have room to save or even room for emergencies. If you find that you are in this position, start writing out all your expenses to see where your money is going. When I did this, I found the main culprits. ( Nails, Eating Out, Starbucks, Hair and Service Subscriptions I didn't even use)! Now we all know a Starbucks drink is only 3-6 dollars but you have to be aware that these things add up. I was spending about $300-400 a month on things that were not necessities in my life. When I cut back by cancelling unused subscriptions,  doing my own nails, hair and only eating out once a month.. I saw a huge change. Get started by writing a list of what you spend. You'd be surprised on where your coins are all going :)


If I could preach to all the little girls out there. I'd say. GET YOUR MONEY UP. Don't worry about guys with money because that's HIS. What do YOU have to offer? I see too many woman focusing on making it with a guy that's well off, rather than focusing on getting their own shit together.  There are too many cases where women are dependent on a man's income. That's bullshit. Girl get yours. 

There are so many ways to make income these days. Im in e-commerce. You can work from home selling anything you want. All it takes is research and drive. Master a skill and go for it. Get your money :)


When you get into really making schmoney.. you need to start your research on how to keep it and most importantly, how to grow it. From tax breaks to investments, there are so many ways of keeping your money safe and growing it. For example, every entrepreneur should look into getting an SEP IRA. This is a retirement account for people like us. Because we do not have typical jobs setting this up for us, we have to do it ourselves. But, the good news is that this is a totally tax deductible. The means.. You can take that amount of whatever you owe to Uncle Sam. 

In addition to the IRA, If you work for yourself, you're going to need a Business Account and credit card.. This is crucial because you can literally write the majority of what you do off. Home office? Cool. A portion of your rent is a write off. Phone Bill? Car Lease? Dinner "meetings"? Everything business related should go through that account. These are all major in saving you money at the end of the tax year. 


Every person should have an account they don't touch. You should put a portion of your income in there every month and leave it there. Build it all the way up. If you can only give $10 a month to it, thats cool. Do it. Build it. It's important and it should be your main habit.

When I moved to LA, I had about $300 to my name. After I got a little job, I starting saving. I put in what I could when I could. I had a little agreement with myself. "Ciera, every time you make $100, put $10 in there" And I did. Create a system that works for you and get on it! 


It is a fact that most millionaires have multiple streams of income. I have only two right now. So its something I need to desperately work on. Let's say you have a full time job. Think of anything that can make you a little extra money and do it. But remember, work smart not hard. Think of something non time consuming. Let's say you sell t-shirts on Amazon. Something simple. If it brings in a $100 a month that's great! That's income you have in addition to your main source. You're adding to your streams. 


As I've stated before, I came to LA 5 years ago with only $300 to my name. Since then, I've built a business and my accounts are litty because I save save save. When I started making money, I kept the same values as before. Yes, my car and house got nicer but NEVER to match my income. It's always important to live below your means so you can have room to breathe. Room for fun . Room for emergencies. 

Thanks to the success of my business, God, and learning how to save and cut back when needed, I have a personal savings, business savings, investment accounts and retirement accounts that I never have to touch. I can buy anything I want, go wherever I want and I can take care of and provide for my loved ones. They'll never have to want for anything. I think that's what its all about. Being able to be there for the ones you love which in return makes you happy. 

Anyhoo.. I'm not really sure how to end this one. Im sure I need to go in detail on the business side of making schmoney in my next post. You guys let me know :)





Credit and how to make yours Lit..

Now that I understand the importance of credit, I take it super serious. I get constant updates from Experian on if anything has changed. I'm always watching it like a hawk. I was never taught how to maintain my credit or finances (I didn't grow up in the best situation) because our focus was mainly on survival. But as an adult, I've learned a few little tricks on keeping your credit great or even raising it that I'd like to pass on. 

When I was in college I met this girl who I became friends with. One day, I rented a car under my name and let her drive it. BIG MISTAKE. Don't ever do this. Anyhoo, long story short, she totaled the vehicle and disappeared on my ass. So, in addition to an unpaid phone bill and Old Navy credit card, this is what started the demise of my credit. 

I would say one of the most important things about credit is actually looking into what is associated with your name. When I finally started needing to focus on my credit, I found a few things that were not accurate. Its important to not just accept the score, but really look into what's on there and dispute what's inaccurate. You can do this one time or monthly with Experian. Its only 24.99 a month and COMPLETELY WORTH IT. 

I'm sure you've heard many theories on how to raise a credit score. Whether its having to do with using or not using credit cards. But here's what worked for me. When I first started "growing up", I couldn't get a credit card to save my life. I kept getting denied because my score was so low. I had to go through my bank for my first credit card. It took me 3 times to get approved for a $500 limit. So I tried three routes on getting my score up to par.

First, I tried not using the card. I locked it away and never touched it. But after a few months, my limit didn't increase and neither did my credit score. Next, I tried using it and paying it off immediately after I used it. For example, if I bought dinner on the card, I would transfer money over immediately to pay it off. Unfortunately, this didn't work either.

The only route that worked for me was spending half of my limit ($250) and paying it off automatically at the same time each month when the card was due. This is what increased my limit and started increasing my score. I believe I was about 580 and now Im at a 800 credit score. I find that increasing your score is all about trust. There's an art to it. You have to look like you are trustworthy on paying the money back and also like you don't really need the card. If you spend up to your limit, it looks like you really need that card and you don't have a lot of money. This doesn't make them want to increase your limit. 

Also, when you pay the card off immediately, where's the trust there? You didn't even let it sit long enough. With most credit cards, there are due dates. I set up mine to pay automatically on this due date so its nothing I ever had to worry about.

Lastly, with credit cards, remember to spend only what you have. If you can't afford it, don't put it on that card! Only spend what you can immediately pay off so its never stressful :)

Feel free to ask me anything or put in some of your tricks on increasing your score. 

Thanks for reading 




Today's Plan

So happy to read all the comments. I should have turned that setting on when I first started this. Everyone is so sweet! The emails I'm getting mostly are about body image, my business and my film journey which I am so excited to talk about. I called my sister this morning and asked her to help me film a video just talking about all of it. Ill get semi-cute later today and start filming. I hope you guys like it. 

For today.. I have to work per usual. Man I'm so thankful for the support in my businesses. It's crazy. In addition to Babes, I was only trying to start the mens line to "try it out" but those tees are selling everyday. My work load is crazy right now but Im super grateful. 

For my body image thoughts of the day, I started my sit-ups/ ab workouts again. So I want you to join me and let me know how you're doing. The plan is... 100 sit-ups after every meal. Its annoying but pretty simple. 

Anyhoo.. off to work 


Body Image

" Hi Ciera, my name is Leslie and a blog I would like you to do is how to keep your waist small if you're thick. I am a thick girl just like you, I have hips and thighs n unfortunately a stomach too. You have a very small waist for someone so thick and me not so much, so I just wanted to know if there are exercises or a specific diet you have that allows you to keep you're hips and thighs but a small waist. P.S. I really like that you have started blog. I am a big fan and getting something personal like this from you is great :)"

I get these questions ALOT. Im never really super sure on how to answer them. There are girls out there with literally no waist. I think its genetics honestly. Im naturally smaller up top so it makes my waist look smaller compared to my lower half. What I do suggest is less carbs (even thought I never really stick to this rule) because it works. I am OBSESSED with green tea (which is a natural weight loss remedy) I can drink it all day every day. I only drink green tea, water and wine ;) But other than that I eat ok. When I see myself getting a little chunkier around my waist I cut back on the carbs and that always works. As far as exercise. I am horrible at it. I hate the gym. I recently cancelled my membership lol. Instead I like to do morning workouts in my neighborhood. Mostly Cardio right now because I want to slim down but generally I will need weight training for my legs, thighs and butt. BTW.. tried waist trainers.. they don't work for me or anyone I know. Its a waste of money in my opinion. 

In the end.. there is no "specific" diet for this. This is just kinda something I made up. But what I can tell you is how you take your photos matters. Its all about angles to get that great photo. I kind of want to do a video to show you.. Ill work on it. Thank you for reading my thoughts Leslie, I hope I was helpful :)


Working On Myself. To Post .. Not to Post..

To Post.. Not to Post.. Man I've been struggling somewhat lately with my brand and how I'm portrayed. As you all well know, My persona is somewhat sexy but when it comes to real life, that doesn't always fly. Im trying to calm the sexy down a little and hopefully my followers are with me on this journey. I hate running into people and they say oh you're that IG girl! I want to go hide under a rock because it makes me feel like I blend in with all the booking info models :/ No diss to them, but thats just not what I'm about you know? So anyhow.. Ive started posting less because I have no idea what the heck is not sexy, too sexy, boring at this point. Im experimenting on my IG. Can you tell? 

In other news, Im dabbling in photography a bit more and more these days. If you know anything about me, my main passion is and will always be film. My sister has given me the responsibility of directing her next video and I'm so friggin' excited. I have so many ideas. I can't wait to start releasing what we are working on.

Besides that, Im on a diet. Again. Its hard af but hey thats life..

PS. I see the likes, but Im not really sure who's reading or if anyone cares about this blog yet. If you do, comment below to let me know what you'd like to hear the most :)




Always always working

Does anyone else feel like this year went by super fast? Its scary its September. I keep thinking about what more I could've accomplished this year. I want to do so many things. Ive had it in my mind about starting a short film for years and I am so intimidated by the idea that I haven't started. My business is so time consuming so Im realizing now that Ill have to hire someone to take over so I can focus on things Ive been planning to do and haven't yet. 

Im supposed to be checking emails right now.. 

.. But I don't wanna. I just want to hop on a plane and leave work alone for a while. 

My First Entry

You ever want to change your entire life and start over? I feel like that everyday. I change my mind about everything and want to reinvent myself and my business every week or so. Im really at the stage where I want to use my following for something greater and really showcase who I am instead of sticking to sexy posts that will get a lot of likes. You know what I mean? Anyhooo.. Back to work for me. Currently trying to revamp my mens line and add some cool pieces this weekend.