Ciera Rogers, born February 25th, is a known Internet star with over 2 million followers on Instagram. As a fashion designer from Houston, Texas that resides in Los Angeles, Rogers started her business in response to her own frustration with the lack of figure-hugging items for curvy, womanly fashionistas. Her business, Babes and Felines is a wildly successful online clothing company that's bordering on a body-acceptance movement

In 2012, Rogers proceeded to open her own online vintage store with a flair that was remarkable, and was no doubt passed along to her by her mother, who had for years operated her own vintage store out of Houston. Interestingly enough, however, Rogers received her Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations, and spent years attempting to break into the PR business in Houston; but the search was fruitless, and Ciera began losing hope when she followed the lead of her younger sister and moved out to LA.

For those first years she spent in California, Rogers studied her audience and began to build an Instagram following, primarily surrounding her amazing vintage-wear, as well as her incredible, shall we say, ASSets. As a direct result, her followers increased, and began requesting the sales of her fabulous vintage clothing. Back in those days, her brand was known simply as the "Cierarogers Store"--straightforward, and simple to find--but Ciera had greater ambitions to create her own brand, and from an elementary, yet genius combination of terms that stood out to her, Rogers birthed Babes and Felines, and from there focused on knowing everything about her audience and their demands.


And so we come to what Babes and Felines has become today: a clothing line that focuses on stretchy, adaptable materials to conform to any body shape, all available in an array of solid colors, both bright and springy, and well as muted tones, making them indispensable staple items to be accessorized at will. Already seen being worn publicly by Kim Kardashian and many popular bloggers around the world, Ciera Rogers' brand has taken the world by storm, shipping both domestically and internationally, and all available at affordable prices


Rogers continues to work, learn and grow, and expand her clothing line while creating a movement for curvy girls to embrace their body types.